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Taking attendance

iDoceo offers several ways to keep track of your students attendance. You can either do it from the grade book or from the seating plan. Both choices can be used interchangeably at any time, it is only a matter of convenience and they will both be reflected in each student's attendance summary and as a column a day in your grade book.

Attendance columns can be mixed with conventional assessment columns, or can be created into a specific tab.

Attendance from the grade book

Tap&hold on the last column of the gradebook (the one with a + sign), you'll be able to choose between two different attendance columns, quick attendance and extra quick attendance. Tap on any of these and you'll automatically have an attendance column created for today.

The automatic 'attendance' text that appears on each column can be changed at your convenience from system Settings/iDoceo 'Attendance columns title'

The extra quick attendance column

A tap&hold on an attendance column¡s header will show the 'Attend all' option , which will set all students as present.

Attendance from the seating plan

Tap on the info badge icon, and then select the attendance icon shown in this image

This will create an attendance column for today in the gradebook too, but it can be managed directly from the seating plan.

You'll have an 'Attend all' button, and you can change each student's status with a double tap. A tap&hold will allow to set a student as LATE for tardiness.

Attendance statistics (in each student's personal data screen)

Double tap on any student (from the gradebook) , or tap&hold and select Data (from the seating plan) and you'll be presented with student's personal data. Tap on attendance and you'll have an attendance summary of all the attendance columns in the gradebook. 



Customizing the attendance column

From the main screen Settings / Attendance. You'll be able to configure the default Attendance column title, grade type, an additional 4th concept for attendance and a second row of icons.
The date's format for atendance is configured in your iPad's settings, explained here

In this case the extra quick editor for attendance, would look like this:

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