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How do you pronounce iDoceo and what does it mean?
We're not picky on pronunciation but this is what we had in mind
with iDoceo .

The ubiquitous "i" needs no explanation! , and "Doceo" is the Latin verb for Teach. Thus, "I teach".

When I try to take pictures/video it shows a black picture!
From your iPad Settings > Privacy > Camera > Enable iDoceo in the list.
You should do the same with Privacy > Camera roll/Photos

Today, a small cake appeared next to a student's name, what does that mean?

This means today is that student's birthday. Next time, bring a cake!
The summary view (top bar) has an 'Upcoming birthdays' option to keep you up to date

Somehow the iPad's keyboard is shown in the middle of the screen and I can't see what I type
From your iPad settings > General > Keyboard > Disable the split-keyboard option

I'd like to edit cells from left/right instead of up/down
The edit direction option works in any direction: up,down,left,right or none

app store gradebook

I have erased by mistake a student,class,tab,column or gradetype
From iDoceo's Main menu > Trash

Where is my data stored?
All your data is locally stored in your iPad and nowhere else.
We do care about the privacy,security and confidentiality of data.
iDoceo is NOT an online app. There are no cloud or external servers with any data.
You will find the details explained in our Privacy policy

How do I backup iDoceo's data?
From iDoceo's Menu bar (bottom), cloud icon button > Backup or Quick backup
More details explained here


How can I change a column's position ?
Tap and hold on that column's header and drag it to the desired position you may also on Tools/Hammer icon on the right top > Columns to do it in bulk.
You will find a more detailed explanation here

How do I show the same column in a different tab?
Tap&Hold on the original column , then COPY , and select LINKED COPY . This will represent the same column in a different tab and you'll be able to edit its contents anywhere.Details here

Can I directly go to a class' grade book from the planner?
Yes, tap&hold on a period then 'Open class'

Are files stored locally or as a link?
Files are locally stored by default, meaning that they will be available offline. You can also choose to store it as a link if you tap on the link icon shown below.

How do I add files from Google Drive, instead of from Dropbox?

How can I set Sunday as the first day of the week?
This is a system wide setting , and it is configured from the iPad's Settings / General / International / Region Format . Sunday will be configured in the calendars according to this regional setting. As a reference, the default calendar app in your iPad uses this setting as well.
i.e. Setting US as Region format will make Sunday the first day of the week.

I'd like to show a thumbnail photo of the student next to their names. How can I do that?

How can I configure vertical headers as shown in the provided sample class?

Text orientation on grade book headers depends on each column's height and width.
If the height is larger than the width, then it is drawn vertically, if not,horizontally.
Drag these two handles to change the header's height or column's width

How can I add an a average or sum below a column in the gradebook?
Tap on the first available row (i.e. without student) in the grade book and choose the calculation you'd like to add.

How can I show more text in the planner's PDF report?
When selecting the dates to include in the report, scroll down and here you will be able to change the page and text size.
If you are printing in A3, use x2. Do not exceed x2 unless you do not need a hard copy and will only work with a PDF
Text size of 10 or 11 is usually the best configuration.

I can´t find the planner or calendar in iDoceo´s Main menu
You are probably working in what we call ‘compact’ mode while the planner and calendar is found in ‘full-size’ From iDoceo’s Main menu > Settings (gear icon) > Working mode > Full-size .
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