iDoceo 7 for macOS and iPadOS now available!

You will find all the details explained here

Adding scores

The fastest way of adding scores is by using Categories/folders We have 3 score tests:
Test3 total points 40 , Tesdt 2 total points 100 and Test 1 total points 145. The configuration of the folder is simple : The result Grading scale and the calculation needed.
In our example Orals Tests Category we will select a grading scale From 0 to 100
Our selected calculation will be Totals points grading

teachers ipad

Once the Category is configured , we need only to drag ours tests columns into the category.

This is the result

teachers ipad

How to add a new score Test ?
See below how to add a new Test 4 , score 200
Create the new Test 4 column , fill it with students scores and drag it into the Category.

teachers ipad

teachers ipad

You can add a new column directly into one Category

Tap on the Category Three points and select Add column

teachers ipad
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