Adding scores

In our example we have the scores of three different tests.
We will add a fourth column that will show the result of Test 1 + Test 2 + Test 3.
The second configuration will show that same result as a percentage.

Configuring our addition

This is the configuration of our addition
Tap on the columns headers to add them to your calculation

This is our final result

Showing the final result as a percent

To show the final result as a percent, you must configure the max. score of the columns involved.

In our example, Test 1 is a score out of 20, Test 2 is a score out 40 and Test 3 a score out of 10.
We'll first configure the grade type that will reflect this, and we'll add the final addition as explained in our previous point.
In this case the 'Calculation - addition' will be configured to show 'Percentage over total addition'