iDoceo 7 for macOS and iPadOS now available!

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A resource in iDoceo can either be a file (PDF document, Pages, Numbers, XLS, etc) , an image , a video, an URL (internet link) or an audio recording.
We refer to them as resources because the kind of resource makes no difference in iDoceo.

Whatever the resource you'll be able to:

  • Attach a resource to cell (tap&hold on a cell, Annotations)
  • Attach a resource to a column header (tap&hold on a header, Annotations)
  • Link a resource to a student (Double tap on student, Resources)
  • Attach a resource to a class  (Tap on Tools / Resources)
  • Attach a resource to a bulletin board (Tap on bulletin board)
  • Attach a resource to a day in your diary (Tap on attachment button)
Preview any kind of resource in the gallery, connect it directly to a projector with Air Play or with a cable converter

Direct integration with your Google Drive and Dropbox accounts.
Store files from any other app with the 'Open In' feature

Transfer files from any PC/Mac in your network via WiFi
Attach your resources to any element in iDoceo: a class, a student, a cell, a column, a date in the diary or a bulletin board.

Instructions and How-tos


21 AUG

iDoceo 7 for iPad and Mac now available!

A huge update with tons of new features and a new interface

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Create Multiple-choice tests with iDoceo Connect!

In addition to self-evaluation rubrics, your students can now fill exams online. Supports text and images - in answers and questions - and can easily be imported from an XLS template

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