How to: Replicate a week (or weeks) in the calendar

First, configure a single week from the schedule view (explained here )
Tap on Copy (right corner) > Week and follow the steps on the wizard.

Here is a short video

Configuring your calendar

The first time you open the calendar view it will ask for its start/end dates. A calendar must comprise all the terms for a given academic year (e.g. from Aug 2015 to July 2016).
Dates in your calendars should not overlap, if they do, information will be written in both calendars at once.
You can access the calendars any time from iDoceo's main screen > three dots button (central top bar)

If you're working on a two week schedule

Make sure you select 2 week copy in the calendar copy wizard. If your cycle sequence is reset after half term holidays only need to use the copy wizard with the new dates and a different selection of weeks (i.e. select week B first, instead of A).

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