How to: Student Report

In the student report you will be able to:

  • Include the photo and a selection of each student's personal details
  • Include a selection of columns from any tab. Text and icons
  • Include the class' average
  • Include text annotations and thumbnails of resources (i.e. images,notes)
  • Include a legend of icons
  • Include attendance stats

app store gradebook

Creating a report of all students

From the grade book view > Export > Student report

Creating a report for a single student

Double tap on a student > Summary > Export

app store gradebook

Creating a report of a selection of students

Before exporting the report, apply the students filter explained here. The report will only be created for those students that are shown in the grade book.

Creating and sending the report

This will create a personalised report for each student and will send it by e-mail

Open in
This will create a single PDF file with all your students in it

ZIP file
This will create a ZIP file with all the individual PDFs in it

Options of the student report

The three main blocks: Personal Data, Gradebook and attendance will let you select the kind of data you need in the report.

Rearranging columns in your report

Double tap on any student > Summary > Three dots button
You will now be able to rearrange those columns at will.

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