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iDoceo 5

Easy to use and extremely comprehensive gradebook app store
Love this app as it has everything I need in one place: spreadsheets to record assessment grades; spreadsheets to create overview plans with photos and video links attached; a seating plan for each class and the ability to attach information there; a day planner and timetable overview. It’s intuitive and easy to use, and has so much functionality that I am not frustrated or limited with how I set up my spread sheets. I particularly appreciate that there is a place to annotate comments for individual students on the grading spreadsheet. Over the past two days, I have collated an overview of a term plan, and attached images and links to videos. Everything is there when I open up a view for the lesson. It’s brilliant. I highly recommend this app, and I’m so happy to have had a friend recommend it to me.
Excellent...gradebook app store
The best of all the grade book apps I have tried. It makes grading and organizing student assessments a dream. Also when you buy it you have all the functionality unlike most of the other comparable apps. I did my research and tried some of the other cheaper comparable apps and was sadly disappointed. I recommend not making the same mistake I made with other cheaper apps and just purchase iDoceo. Very well done.
Just GREATgradebook app store
I really like this app. I have 29 sections of classes and this app helps me keep them all organized! Love all the features! GREAT job!
Awesome update gradebook app store
I’ve been using this for a few years now. Each update makes it better and better. Thanks a bunch!

iDoceo 4

Totally brilliant! gradebook app store
As a lecturer I have used iDoceo for the last two years and I don't know how I managed without it. Students particularly appreciate the student report feature which allows me to email them an update of all their results and highlight and assessments still to be submitted along with their percentage attendance. Having my own record of attendance as a backup has also proven to be a lifesaver. It took me a couple of months to get into the habit of using different features and I still haven't used everything but I couldn't recommend this app more highly.
Incredibly good gradebook app store
I agree with everyone who loves this: idoceo has transformed my teaching and I am trying to tell anyone who stands still for long enough in the staffroom to get it. I'm an oldskool teacher with a deep suspicion of data, but I feel very on top of all the data demands made of me, in fact they have ceased to be a problem as my lovely idoceo app has all the answers. It's even made me love marking as it gives me an opportunity to fill in beautiful spreadsheets that do all the calculating for me. I can wonder around the classroom with it and make quick records of conversations. Makes taking in work so straightforward. It's dragged this dinosaur in to the 21st century. Love it.
Will never go back to paper!! gradebook app store
I've been using Idoceo for around 4 years, it's everything I need in one place. Beautiful designed and so slick to use, I recommend it to all my colleagues and NQTs/Trainee's who I meet. I am now delivering training sessions to colleagues at school and at teachmeets. Well done- we finally have an app that is useful and a need for any teacher.
The only app needed gradebook app storeThis is the best app for teachers who have multiple classes. I am a music teacher and see 25 classes a week and after music groups. I can't imagine my life without this app. It keeps everything neat. I can assess students on the fly. No more looking for paper and transferring data. Every teacher should have this app. I bought it when it first came out. The updates are amazing. I am so glad there is someone out there who really understands what a teacher needs.
Amazing app! gradebook app storeThis App can do anything you can think of and more!! Grades based on any system, or create your own, and it averages it for you. Multiple seating charts with pictures, different backgrounds. View options, schedules, a calendar that also syncs with outlook, easy import class lists from excel and include parent info and email, etc. Pictures and videos of student work in the app attached to the class.
gradebook app store
Outstanding app, and the latest update is even better than anything that has preceded it. If you are a teacher, this app helps you to use data in an efficient and educational way . The value for money is excellent. Customer support is also outstanding. I would pay significantly more for the app and still think it is worth the money.
Outstanding gradebook app store
This App is so useful. It helps me monitor progress very easily and it is great to be able to add documents to the bulletin board and integrate all of my diaries. The new version is superb, even better than before and the app is so reliable. It never crashes.
Brilliant gradebook app store
This app is AMAZING. I very rarely feel compelled to rate/review an app but this one made me want to shout about how good it was! I have been using iDoceo for 3 years now and the new update is outstanding. Such a fantastic way to have all my planning, tracking and intervention strategies all at my fingertips. Every teacher should be using this.
Great gradebook app store
Idoceo 4.0 is even better, the gradeboard and seating plans are so useful. The planner makes it the whole package with calendar integration to keep me organised. Loving the widgets too. Best teacher app, get it!
Phenomenal gradebook app store
I have been using IDOCEO for 4 years now. It is simply the most powerful, versatile, reliable & useful app a teacher could ever wish for and this version is better than ever. The kids can't get away with anything! I am a better teacher because of this app, no doubt about it. Every teacher should use it. I use it to plan my lessons, log a huge range of events, create seating plans (that I easily change every month), record keeping and communicating individual performances with parents.
The only app you need!!!gradebook app store
This app allows you to go completely paperless!! I have always been organised but this app makes it so easy to keep everything in you class organised and easily accessible!! You can adapt it to use it however you want and customise grades, icons etc! It's a must have!


iDoceo 3.1

Best App for teaching sixth Form College gradebook app store
I have been using this app since the first version for sixth Form work. Now it is even better and the development team listen and learn. Thanks for all your hard work, a great interactive app which I rely on considerably. I look forward to more uses.
Don't want to go back to teaching without it. gradebook app storeI spent years developing a spreadsheet based mark book. It got quite good, though never perfect. Then I got idoceo. It is superb. It does everything I want, including an accessible mark book, seating plans, lesson planner, random student selector, etc. I like being able to photograph great (or not so great) work and link it into my markbook ready to show parents on my screen in parents' evenings. Another thing that I like is that the team behind it are really good at responding to feedback on the website. Simply put, I don't want to go back to teaching without this ace tool.
Best App Ever gradebook app store
I didn't realise how disorganised I was as a teacher until I started using this app. Now my day/week/term/year is beautifully sequenced with loads of resources and ideas. It is so easy to find everything and keep detailed notes on each student, which made report writing the easiest it has ever been for me. Even setting lessons for relief teachers is now a really simple process, which has been a blessing when faced with sudden illness and the resultant loss of brain function. I cannot recommend this app highly enough. And I love the new updates. They made a great app even better.
Fantastic teacher App gradebook app store
This app is a robust and versatile teacher toll to record assessment. Has the capability to sort like excel but also attach documents and create student reports. Excellent
The best app and easy to use gradebook app store
This app is great and easy to use. Most of the features were easy to figure out without using the online help page. When I did use the online help, it was easy to find the answer to my question. Adding students, assignments and other information was easy. Keeping track of all this information and entering it in to the grade book was just as easy. The layout of the information is great and allows for information to be quickly understood (e.g. Who was absent, not turned in an assignment). Great app. Very happy that I spent a few dollars on it.
Unbelievable gradebook app store
This grading app is a must have for any teacher. It keeps getting better and better.

iDoceo 3.0

Handy Companion gradebook app store
An absolutely stunning app which has just got more functional. I have tentatively been migrating from a paper planner to electronic version and this is the first time I have felt confident enough to abandon my old paper planner for good. Keep up the great work.

Excellent app gradebook app store
Very useful and the new update makes it even more so. Great for lesson planing and easy to move from the timetable to specific classes and their individual lessons throughout the year.


Impressive gradebook app store
Latest version superb. The App does so much, very well. Makes recording useful data easy. Excellent for monitoring student progress and planning. Great to have everything together.


Keeps getting better! gradebook app store
What is brilliant about idoceo is the updates that really make a more time wasting updates that don't change a thing. Everything about the app shows that the developers really want this to be a product that is used everyday! Good job Bert, keep up the hard work!


Excellent gradebook app store
Excellent app, still trying new things out on it but so far has been a great asset to teaching and planning. Great that I can import my class lists straight from our college internal system!

Brilliant app. gradebook app store
This is a super app that keeps getting better. The copy function allows for our complex rolling timetable with holidays and I have finally gone paperless. I am even persuading students to email me assignments so I can mark and send back. Well done team.

Very good gradebook app store
Love it! My colleagues are very envious

Just what I needed! gradebook app store
I had a database program, a spreadsheet program and a class layout program all working separately, which led to a lot of work. Now it is all in one place with this app! Excellent! Update: very much like all the updates and extra icons - music at last! Well done! Updated review: April 2013 I just had to say again how much I like this app. I have just prepared all my class registers for this term. So easy and quick! ***** star! Well done with update September 2013. Better still!!

Very impressed gradebook app store
Very impressed by this product it's allowed me to go completely paperless in all of my planning and assessment recording. Would recommend it to other teachers.

Excellent app!!!!!! gradebook app store
Really useful and easy to use

Extremely useful and efficient app gradebook app store
Very simple to use and import data. Saves a lot of time in lessons and with admin. Highly recommend.

Version 2.5

It does everything!
I am so impressed with this app! I have tried numerous apps that have failed to do most things that I need them to do in terms of marking attendance, seating plans, documenting homework, imputing and calculating assessment marks, planning lessons, and the list goes on. This is the ONLY app that I have found that does everything I need and more. It is really flexible and can be customised to suit my requirements. As an Australian high school teacher, I can fully recommend this app to all teachers who want to have everything in one stylish, functional, practical app. Just get it!

Best of the lot

I've tried several teacher assistant apps - TeacherKit(Pal), Class timetable, Paperless classroom, Teacher Assistant (paid version) - none do ALL the things that iDoceo does! From intuitive entry of timetable details, linked to classes, which store ALL the data you can think of storing (including attendance, personal notes, etc), AND each class linked to its own calendar to allow planning and recording of lessons (which allows you to record and document your lessons as attachments) to 5 different seating plans with randomiser - if anyone can tell me of another app that does it better, I'll eat my hat!

Game changer
I have been teaching for 8 years and have had issues with the amount of paperwork we are expected to consume and produce. This nifty app has suddenly made it much easier, even enjoyable, to keep organised and uptodate with student data and lesson planning. This has really helped me get organised in the two weeks I've been using it and really see no going back to fumbling around with bits of paper, damaged folders and other potential barriers to teaching. The creator of this app deserves a knighthood. 4 pounds as well. What a (good) joke.


This is an incredible app, which I have only just started to come to terms with the powerful things it can do. Teachers that have a planner and like something intuitive should take a little bit of time to work their way around Idoceo, and they'd never go back to their planner. Much easier than keeping everything in a spreadsheet too. So good I've bothered to write a review of an app for the first time ever.
Tried various teachers planners type apps and haven't found one that compares to this. Planner, mark book, diary, integrates with calendar, does everything I need and is easy to use. Love the ability to record feedback that can be referred to later as evidence. Updates keep making it better. Thanks from the UK.

Ditch the diary!

Great app, get rid of the old paper diary, this app does it all.


This App saves me time, effort and organises my teaching life completely. I take this to parents' evenings and have it open with every shred of evidence I can possibly need. I have no fixed abode in terms of classroom and this is all I need to carry around school! The most recent update proves that perfection can be improved!


This is an amazing app. Really useful and constantly being improved. Keep it going.

Great App


I am a school music teacher from South Africa, and use this App every day. The update fixes the few things I was not happy will. You will not regret purchasing this app.

5 estrelas
É difícil encontrar melhor! Uma aplicação de gestão do trabalho de professores intuitiva e completa. Recomenda-se sem dúvida.
Superbe appli. Permet de gérer facilement ses classes... Parfait quand on en a beaucoup! Il manquait la possibilité d'avoir les moyennes générales, un mot sur le forum et hop, c'est intégré à la dernière mise à jour... bravo!

très bonne application
Superbe l'outil idéal pour le prof