Formulas: IF condition

The IF condition does one operation or another depending on a defined math expression.
Math expressions and conditions can be as complex as necessary, they can be nested or include boolean operators.

IF ( expression, operation_if_true)

In this format if the expression is true, the operation is done.

IF ( expression, operation_if_true, operation_if_false)

In this second format, if the expression is true, the first operation is done.
If false, then the second one proceeds

Example 1

This first formula is read like this, IF Test1 is greater than 60, show the green smiley icon
The formula looks like this

And this is the result

Example 2

Similar to our previous example but in this one we will use the second format of the IF condition. If the first expression matches, it performs the first operation, if not, the second one.
It is read like this, IF test1 is greater than 60 show a green smiley icon, if not show red smiley icon

and here the result

The previous formula can also be expressed like this. Note the less than or equal sign in the second condition so that all possible outcomes are taken into account

Example 3

We will see in this example the unlimited options of the first expression we put in a condition
In this formula, we will show a yellow smiley if TEST1 value is greater than 60 but lower than 80
The formula will look like this