iDoceo 6 is now available!

We are updating the web with all the new features of iDoceo 6.
This is a manual update, please tap on this link if you wish to update on the App Store


The All-in-One solution for teachers

Supports all iPad devices. Requires iOS9.3 or superior



Works with icons, text, numbers, time, rubrics.
Add simple averages or complex formulas

Create reports, export to PDF,XLS, CSV or sync with Google Classroom and iDoceo Connect

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Planner & diary

All your lesson plans in one place.

Add resources of any kind, take pictures, record videos, audio, handwritten notes and more

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Seating plans

Take attendance, create groups or manage assessments
Up to 10 seating plans per class, with custom backgrounds, multiple badge modes. Unlimited possibilites

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    Grade book

    A unique grade book without limits: add columns, tabs, calculations, icons, colors, annotations, files and much more!

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    Planner, Diary, Schedule

    A diary per class to keep track of your progress and a week/day planner for an overview of all your classes.

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    Seating plan

    Up to 5 seating plans per class, configurable backgrounds, random picker, take attendance, edit your grade book data and more ...
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    Resources and bulletin boards

    Add files, images, video and photos to your grade book, diary or students.
    Organize them visually in a bulletin board.
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    Send personalized reports and resources to your students by e-mail

    Send customized reports and resources to your students, by group or individually, including files, links and annotations.
    Improve your communication with parents with feedback on their child's progress.
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    9 DEC

    iDoceo 6 is now available!

    A huge update with tons of new features and a new interface

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    6 JUN

    Create Multiple-choice tests with iDoceo Connect!

    In addition to self-evaluation rubrics, your students can now fill exams online. Supports text and images - in answers and questions - and can easily be imported from an XLS template

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