Import Standards

In iDoceo, you have a comprehensive key skills and standards management system. You will find standards management under Menu > Options > Standards.

If your key skills are related to competencies, you should create them first under Menu > Options > Key Skills. You can add as many standards files as you need, and there is no limit to the list. However, keep in mind that each class in your notebook can be associated with only one standards file.

Custom Translations

Some terms used by iDoceo can be changed to other terms that better fit our case. Among these translatable terms are "Standards" and "Key Skills," these two concepts can thus be better adapted to the legislation of each country.

From Options > Custom translations.


Download Template

We are compiling templates for each course, community, and country in our forum. Before importing XLS files, you should check here if the necessary templates for Standards and Key Skills are already available.

Share your standards or criteria templates.

If you have already imported your standards and wish to share them with other users or on the forum, tap the export button from the Standards option.

Import iDoceo templates for standards and criteria.

You only need to tap on a template (from the forum, an email, or cloud) and "Open in iDoceo."

Allowed Formats

XLS o XLSX Files

Needed columns

Multiple formats are accepted. We are providing some samples here, and the headers can contain any text. Headers are ignored during the import process, but they must be present.
  • Single-column format: The standard code and its description appear in the same cell. It would look like the image on the left.
  • Two-column format: One column for the code, another for the description, central image
  • Horizontal format: Code and description are in the same cell but distributed horizontally, with the image on the right.
One Column Format
Two columns Format
Vertical Format

What type of codes, what happens with the blocks?

The codes must be unique. If the same code appears twice in the file, only the first one will be added. If you work with Blocks, you should indicate it in the code. For example, criterion 1 from block 1 would be 1.1, B1.1, or Block1.1, and criterion 1 from block 2 would be 2.1, B2.1, or Block2.1.

Key Skills, automatic detection.

iDoceo attempts to automatically locate the acronyms of the competencies assigned to each standard within the description. For example, in this fragment here, the corresponding competencies CMCT, CD, and CAA will be automatically marked.

Automatic Key Skills detección

You can also assign the competencies manually with just a single tap or indicate a higher weight with a long tap.