A comprehensive list of additions

These are minor additions that you may find useful. They are tpically focussed on advanced users' requirements.
For all these options to be available, you will need iOS17 and 'Advanced mode' enabled in iDoceo's Settings 
We will keep updating this list often with all new additions


  • Additional icons in second attendance row
  • May now configure 4th icon mean absence or not
  • New delay icons: 5,10,15,25 mins.

Gradebook formulas

  • Total overall calculation may now include all cells. Was skipping empty by default
  • Text grades new option: Show percentage. Will include both text and percentage below
  • New FOLDER function. Lets you include internal columns dynamically
  • New TAG function. When put inside FOLDER, addresses columns dynamically
  • New COLUMN_STATS functions. Takes into account global results of all students
  • Both functions will work in conjunction with any other formula

Text file resource

  • Supports images, lists, links and handwritten text
  • Exports to PDF
  • Can be inserted in any iDoceo section 

DALL-E resource

  • Create images and illustrations anywhere
  • Keeps historic of images in Menu > chatGPT assistants > history


  • Add folders, may be nested
  • Rearrange resources with drag&drop

Auxiliary schedule

  • Up to 6 auxiliary schedules
  • Add classes or other annotations
  • Won't affect any other configuration in iDoceo
  • Based on weekdays or numeric cycles