How to Backup and Restore your data

Create a Backup of your information

The only way to keep your data safe is through a backup made from iDoceo.

The complete process to do a Backup of all your data is the following:
Main Menu > Settings > Backup & Restore > Manual Backup > Assign a password > Select where you want to store the backup file > Backup.

This is a Manual backup, meaning you need to do it yourself everytime. It is recommended that you to do one periodically or when you want to safe the data you currently have.
There is no other way to safeguard your data in iDoceo.
iDoceo's Backup

Backup your data: The options iDoceo offers

iDoceo offers three options of where to store your backups:
Store them in the cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive for Business, iCloud, WebDAV).
In a local server (WebDAV) at home or at school.
Locally offline in any location you will like using the optionTo other locations, for example a USB, your Mac, iPad or iPhone, a hard drive, among others.
Any other place not listed here: with the option To other locations you can also store backups in cloud services not listed here.
iDoceo's Backup

Backup Password

The last option in the image above is "Password for Backup Archives", click on it to enter the password you want to use with your backups.

You must enter a password before making any backup if you have not done it before, as it will be this password the one that iDoceo asks for when you want to restore that backup.

You can change the password, but it will only affect backups made from that point onwards, older backups will require the old password.

If you are restoring a backup and you are still using the same password that you had when you made that backup, it will not ask for a password. However, if you have change it or you are restoring the backup on a new device, it will definitly ask for it, so it is important to keep the password safe, as it is not possible to view it anywhere or change it for a backup.

The Backup button: Full Backup & Quick Backup

You can use the backup button, located in the left vertical menu for Mac and iPad or in the Main Menu in iPhone, to create a Full Backup, Quick backup or a backup to other  locations.

Configuring the Backup button

iDoceo's Backup
To use it, the first step is configuring it in Menu > Settings > Backup & Restore > Manual Backup.

Here you will select the default backup system (where you want by default to store your backups) and assign a password for them, just like detailed earlier in the article.

To select a location as defaul click on it and check the option "Default Backup System".
You can assign as default backup system any of the cloud options or WebDav. It is not possible to set as default backup system the "to other locations" option (offline storage), you will always have to select where you want to store the backups you make with this option.

The options available

iDoceo's Backup
Full Backup: it is basically the same as a Manual Backup, it will save everything you have in iDoceo at the moment.
Quick Backup: This option will make a smaller backup, that will contain all the data (classes, students, your gradebook data, annotations, grade types, etc.) but will not include any resources (images, videos, audios, files, URLs).
To other locations: As it is not possible to assign "To other locations" as default backup storage, this options allows to make a full backup to an offline location using the backup button.
You can see which option is selected as default backup system at the bottom of the options.

How long does it take to complete a backup?

This depends on the amount of data you currently have and your internet speed. However, there's no need to wait for the backup to end, you can continue working on iDoceo as soon as you start it.

The backup is performed on the background, and when completed you'll see the 'Backup completed' message on screen. If this message does not appear then the backup is not done.

If doing a backup "to other locations", it only depends on the amount of data, and because of that it is generally completed much faster.

Using BOX or ownCloud?

BOX and ownCloud both support the WebDAV protocol and can be used as a backup method in iDoceo. You will find here specific instructions.

Automatic Backups

The automatic backup option is only available when you are not using synchronization between devices of iDoceo. So if you are using synchronization and want to continue doing so, you will have to make Manual Backups or Full Backups. Do not deactivate synchronization to do automatic backups, unless you do not want to use the synchronization anymore.

Once configured, the automatic backup is scheduled once every 24 hours, and it will work as incremental backups, meaning you will need all of them (since you started doing automatic backups) to be able to restore your data.

You can configure them in Menu > Settings > Backup & Restore > Automatic Backup > select where you want to store the backups > Backup.
You can only store automatic backups on the cloud options or WebDav. Therefore, you must make sure your device has internet access when your next incremental backup is due.

Restoring your information: How to restore an iDoceo's backup

Backups can only be Restored from iDoceo app, they are encrypted. There is no other way to retrieve its information, except from iDoceo's backup restore function.

In the event of having to restore your information, you must tap on Main menu > Settings > Backup and Restore > Restore backup and now tap on your selected backup method (where you have the backup file).

You'll be presented with a list of all the available backups you have in that location. Select the Backup with the date you want to restore and tap on it.

Wait for a few seconds while the backup is downloaded. It will ask for confirmation, just continue selecting restore.

The last message will be that iDoceo needs to restart so the changes can take effect, just select OK and let iDoceo shut down on its own.

Once you open it again, your data will be back in place, you have succesfully restored your backup.
Restoring a backup will ERASE your current data stored in iDoceo, since this data will be replaced with that of the backup. This operation cannot be undone.

Restoring a Backup will work even if you erase iDoceo's app from your iPad or Mac and install it again from the app Store, as long as you keep safe your Backup file.

iDoceo is in no way related to Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive for business or Box. All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
To restore an Automatic Backup, the complete list of incremental backups must be available in order to restore all your data, meaning the must be all in the same location. If you have them in different locations you should transfer them manually to a single location.