OpenAI / chatGPT integration

OpenAI/chatGPT is only available in iDoceo 9 advanced mode.
To start working with OpenAI/chatGPT on iDoceo, you need to link your OpenAI account.
You can do this from Menu > Settings > Cloud Links > OpenAI/chatGPT > toggle the switch. Once activated, you will be asked for your OpenAI API key

Cloud Links
MS Teams

Your first time integrating OpenAI into iDoceo, and you do not have the API key

You need to access the website with your OpenAI account and add Credit, as shown in the image below left.
Next you can get the API key as shown in the image on the right
Microsoft and iDoceo website
Microsoft and iDoceo website
Microsoft and iDoceo website
Microsoft and iDoceo website
After entering the password, you can optionally create assistants, but iDoceo already has assistants configured by default

Error Message

Error Message: “You exceeded your current quota, please check your plan and billing details." It means that in the Billing section of OpenAI > API you do not have a money limit assigned or a credit card is not configured.
To solve it you have to access here: OpenAI Billing

Use OpenAI in the Planner

We want to fill a text section of the Planner with content. To do this, we must describe what we want in clear text. In this example, we will ask the assistant to explain the origins of the human race. After writing the text, we activate the corresponding wizard by selecting the option shown in the image. Choose the desired assistant, and the results will be displayed after several seconds.
Microsoft Teams

How to create the content

The Assistant allows us to obtain content tailored to our needs by interacting with it in the following way.

  • Initial requirement:  We clearly state what task or content we want the assistant to generate for us.
  • Adjust or modify: By pressing the icon in the lower right corner we can inform the assistant of the changes we want in the initial result.
  • Incorporate into the Planer: The result that we have in view can be inserted into the Planer below and exit the wizard, add below and continue in the wizard or enter the content into the Planner deleting the previous content

History of content generated by OpenAI


Setting up an custom assistant

Beside the provided assistants , you can add your own customized ones:

The Assistant has different fields, the first is called System.

  • System: Defines what the assistant is, its field of experience and the context in which it operates
  • User: It is the field where we define the task that we want the assistant to perform for us
  • Model: It is the OpenAI engine that we want to be used.
  • Store results in History: Save responses to a history if enabled.