Improper calculations (solved)

10 years 4 months ago #245 by Doctor_VVV
Improper calculations (solved) was created by Doctor_VVV
I'm from Ukraine! Do you have users from Ukraine at this moment or I'm the first? ;)

I try to custumize program according to my subject but still have some problem with calculations. Here it is:

19 practical classes (mark from 0 to 6 for each). In new version of iDoceo (1.7) it calculates good all 19 columns! Total mark must be in absolute numbers not in %. So at this moment everything fine.

After practical classes students must pass Module control, which includes Tests and questions. So, in the same line each student has test control from my subject (from 0 to 40 for this type of work)
Next in the same line each student has 4 questions (from 0 to 10 for each)
When students completed test control and four questions I need to sum this result in one column. As example: 40+10+10+10+10=80 , but program shows me bad result here!

Last thing what I need - last column names TOTAL and it must calculate final points from my subject for each student = points for practical classes + points for module control. But program shows me bad result here again!

Can you help me to solve this problem, because I tried different variant and can't get correct result.

P.S. maybe it's better to add function which calculates absolute numbers (instead of percents or in addition to present calculations as an option variant).

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10 years 4 months ago #246 by bert
Replied by bert on topic Re: Improper calculations
Welcome Doctor_VVV!
I think you've got a couple more of fellow ukranian users but because there is no official app store there it is difficult to say!
I should give a look at your calculations to help you out, if you can send me a couple of screen shots at (one should include the calculuation arrows) or , if you don't have a problem with it , send me a backup of your data.
I'll be back to you as soon as possible.
Regards, and thanks for contacting us.

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