iDoceo 6.0.14 is now available on the App store!

4 years 1 month ago - 4 years 1 month ago #8647 by bert
Hello everyone, I hope this new version finds you safe at home.

You can update with this link below

Improvements in iDoceo Connect
• Improved reports, can be sent via e-mail, or zipped with a PDF per student
• Open questions with automatic review have now a strict mode and some additional options

• Questions and answers now support bold, italic and colored text

System improvements

• You can now annotate PDF files (requires iOS13 or superior)

• You can now change the bulletin board pin colors

• Student tools (Gradebook > Tools > Students) will let you assign colors in bulk
• You can now easily import files from Kahoot (gradebook > add column > Multiple columns > Import)

YouTube browser

• Add YouTube links in no time
• Tap on Add attachment > YouTube from any section in iDoceo
• Can be previewed, copied, exported as any other resource in iDoceo

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