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Your first Formula

In this example we will calculate the average of these 3 columns with a formula

If you do not need fancy formulas, the 'traditional' Average calculation will work for you. Give this a look.

Our first formula will look like this

And this will be the result

Working with functions. Skipping empty cells

When calculating averages, it is often required to skip empty cells (i.e. absent students) so that the average only takes into account those cells that actually hold a value
Our previous formula would consider an empty cell as 0 and the average's result would not be correct.

iDoceo's formulas will let you choose from a wide variety of Functions.
In short, a function works like this: you configure its input values - called arguments or variables - and it will yield a single result (its output)

You will find a short description under the Functions button and you will see how to work with it.

The function we need in our case is called Flexible average

The description of this FLEXAVERAGE function explains that it requires a variable number of arguments, hence the ellipsis and that it will automatically skip empty cells

This is how our previous formula would look with this function

And this will be the formula in action. We have added a few empty cells this time

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