Adding a header and footer to your reports

iDoceo's configuration will let you be customize the main aspects of your reports. You can add your own header, footer, background or choose whether you would like to create those reports in portrait or landscape.
From iDoceo's main screen tap on Settings (gear icon) > Report

The header and footer will always take the full width of your page, you can only configure its height

These are the recommended dimensions of the header and footer.

100px height 200px height
Portrait 612x100 1224x200
Landscape 792x100 1548x200

Here is a sample PSD file to create your own header and footer in portrait

Anatomy of a report

Header: The first part of the report, shown on top. May contain your school's logo or address

Footer: The last part of the report. Can contain your school's certifications or a signature line for parents / students confirmation.
In case of adding a signature line, you should consider enabling the option 'On last page only'

Background: A background image, which could either be a texture, plain color or an image.

Content: This is the actual report's data. Choose your position and size so that it doesn't overlap with your header or footer.