Comparing columns

The 'Comparison' calculation in iDoceo will let you compare a column in different ways:

  • against another colum
  • against the column's average or median
  • average,median or a constant value.
The 'Comparison' calculation is disabled by default.
Enable it first from the Settings (Main menu, Settings) > Cell editors, calculations

Comparing two columns (e.g. target vs grade)

We will begin with this example shown below. Our target grade on the first column and the obtained result (Exam 1) next to it. You can use any of the configured grade types for each column, they do not necessarily have to match.

Now we'll add a new 'Comparison'calculation as its editor and From 0 to 100 as its Grade type. This will represent the comparison as a percentage.
This will be its configuration

teachers ipad

And the result
teachers ipad

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