Real calculus examples: grading tests

In this example we'll use iDoceo to provide scores automatically based on a test result.

In our example we'll use a sample test with 16 questions, being 0 the lowest achievable grade, and 16 the highest.

The first step is to asign the Max "Total grade points" to our column, in our example will be 16, secondly we will apply a "Quick conversion" to the desired grade A to F in our first example.

teachers ipad

The column is ready to acept scores entry.

teachers ipad

The score is automatically converted to de selected grade instanly.
teachers ipad

The same example now with a 100% grading

The only diference to obtain the result of the score in a 0-100% grade is to select the quick conversion shown below.

teachers ipad

The result will be now this :

teachers ipad

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