What´s new in iDoceo 4.10

A more recent version is now available in the App store.
The following list of features is kept for reference only
iDoceo 4.10 is only available on devices with iOS 9.3 or superior


  • Split view support. Half screen in landscape
  • One Drive for Business/O365 support for backups and downloads
  • Improved iDoceo Grade Scanner integration
  • 2 additional themes for extended screen layout
  • Support for password protected PDFs
  • Options > Cloud links will show details of each account

Drag&drop in all resources (iOS11)

  • Drag and Drop files, links and images from any app into iDoceo
  • Move or copy resources between students, classes or dates
  • Easily export any resource to other apps
  • Drag templates - stored locally or online - into your gradebook to import them


  • Create favorite categories. Store a combination of columns: Long tap on category > Three dots
  • Copy gradebook layout - theme, font size, zoom - to other classes
  • New copy/paste option on all resources
  • Import XLS files from Socrative or EdPuzzle dragging them into your last column
  • Improved icon counter: Up to 8 icons, new mode value/icons
  • Improved iconDrop: larger view
  • Nueva filter option: 'Non empty'cell
  • New linked option column: Remove link


  • Create groups of standards. Assign them individually or in bulk
  • Configure widgets or multiple columns to focus on specific groups
  • Assign different weights on standards based on column. Long tap on standard after assigning it


  • Students photos: Stores them in a ZIP. Gradebook > Export
  • Rubric XLS: long tap on header > Three dots
  • Improved XLS report
  • Improved header on standards and key skills widget PDF report

Google Classroom

  • Improved with latest Google additions
  • After linking a class it will let you add new students

Small improvements

  • Favorite columns will let you enable 'Date in cell'
  • Tools > Columns will let you assing a date in bulk
  • New absolute value (ABS) in formulas

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