What´s new in iDoceo 4.5

There is a more recent version available already!
This list is kept for reference only

iOS10 ready

  • Touch ID is now supported in password settings
  • Improved iPad Pro 12´ compatibility

Google Classroom integration (details here)

  • Import classes from Google Classroom
  • Link your current classes with Google Classroom
  • Download grades from any assignment
  • Upload grades from any column
  • Upload rubrics, resources and any kind of attachment
  • Works with any grade type, text based or numeric
  • Create new Classroom assignments from iDoceo

Gradebook improvements

  • 5 additional summary column calculations
  • Improved student sort options. Sort by personal fields
  • Improved students filter. Filter by personal fields and icons
  • New icon counter calculation in columns summary and widgets
  • Easily import CSV/XLS files into a column
  • Rubric results can now be manually overwritten
  • Text alignment option, affects all gradebooks

Rubric additions

  • Add full rubrics in your reports
  • Export full rubrics individually to PDF
  • New 'Skip empty rows' option
  • New rubric calculation: Simple addition
  • Decimal point values are now supported
  • Rubrics now support quick conversions in gradebook
  • New shortcut, edit and copy rubric configurations from gradebook

Seating plan

  • Multiple student selection
  • Drag and drop multiple students at once
  • Edit in bulk, align and change frame color
  • numberDrop available and edits multiple students at once

Time related features

  • New Chrono editor in gradebook and seating plan (a short video here)
  • Individual timers, lap control, bulk operations
  • New timeDrop tool
  • New virtual grade 'Time result' to calculate time
  • New time related formula functions
  • Column summary calculates average, highest and lowest times

Key skills and standards

  • New key skills and standards manager
  • Columns and rubrics can be linked to key skills and standards
  • Additional key skills and standards widgets
  • Create key skills groups
  • Up to four key skills and standards widgets
  • Show tabs individually or merged
  • All standards or a selection

Multiple columns

  • Create attendance columns in bulk between dates
  • Favorite columns, repeat a combination
  • Easily import iDoceo templates in gradebook
  • Create key skills and standards calculations

Handwritten notes

  • Create standalone notepads, unlimited pages
  • Change specific page backgrounds
  • Improved pan and zoom gestures
  • Full PDF reports of whole notebook or a selection
  • Rearrange pages

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