Changing language in iDoceo

How to change the language in iDoceo?

iDoceo is available in 14 languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, italian, Japanese, Chinese, dutch, norwegian, turkish, catalán, galician and euskara.

It is possible to change to any of them through Menu > Settings > Language, at any time. Just select the language you want and clcik Done, and from then OK in the pop up.

iDoceo will close on its own, and when you open it again you will see it is already in the selected language.

Keyboard language and auto-correction

The keyboard language and auto-correction are configuration that are entirely dependent to Apple and your operating system (iOS/MacOS).

You can configure these options in your device settings > General > Keyboard.

You can add more than one keyboard, and you can alternate between them to choose with which one you want to work at any moment. Both the characters in the keyboard and the auto-correction depend on what language keyboard you are using at the moment.

You can have you iDoceo configured in one language and your keyboard in another if that is what you want. Just make sure you write with the language you have set in your keyboard to avoid auto-correct issues.

To cahnge the language in your keyboard click on the world icon.