Record audio, info and tips

Audio recordings are an essential part of iDoceo. You can record music performances, events, take audio annotations, record full classes, etc. You will then be able to send it to your students via e-mail or export it effortlessly to another app in your iPad

Which elements can contain audio

You can add an audio recording anywhere in iDoceo: a class,cell,note,header,diary,planner,bulletin board,student, etc. You will find more details about annotations here Add annotations to any cell and about resources here

Audio storage

Audio is kept in an internal folder inside iDoceo, this means that backups of iDoceo will contain your audio files too

Audio file format

Audio files are stored as .m4a. The generated file is compressed (aka lossy file format) and you'll get more than decent audio quality when playing it back.
A two minutes audio file will take about 400KB of disk space

A tap over any audio file in iDoceo will start playing it.

Why not an MP3?

Creating an MP3 file is both CPU and memory consuming, as a result, battery would drain faster. We understand the iPad as an essential tool in your work and one of our priorities is to keep battery life at max.

I need access to that audio file!

All the resources in iDoceo are easily accessible. Here are some of the available options:

  • Tap on the three dots next to the audio file > Export
  • From the grade book view > Tools > Resource manager > Export
  • From the grade book view > Export > Export resources
  • From iDoceo's main menu > PC/Mac Wifi
  • From iDoceo's main menu > Resources

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Recording audio in background

This is an interesting feature that will allow you to keep recording in background while using other apps. You can record the whole class while browsing the internet, reading a book in iBooks or using any other app
To keep recording, start the usual recording process then minimize iDoceo with a tap on the Home button
You'll have at all times this red microphone showing you're still recording in iDoceo. To stop it , tap first on the little micro and stop recording as you would normally do.

Playing audio in background

As soon as you start playing an audio file, you can switch apps. It will keep playing!

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