The basics of the seating plan

The seating plans in iDoceo will let you manage all the information in your grade book from a different point of view.

These are some of its main features

  • Add new columns and edit its contents and configuration
  • Keep track of your students position in 10 different plans
  • Take attendance
  • Five different modes: name only / photo / photo + name / circular photo /badge mode
  • Configurable background. Use default preconfigured images or your own
  • Create PDF reports
  • Add a color to each student's frame (e.g behaviour analysis)
  • View a student's personal data (as in the gradebook),annotations and resources
  • Add resources,photos,images,audio and video as annotations
  • Random picker for questioning
  • Automatic group generator.
  • Add handwritten annotations, and drawings
  • Copy your annotations and drawings to another seating plan, export its to your colleagues
  • Import students photos in bulk or using the face detection engine

Some configuration examples

Next example shows a badge configuration with a selected group of students.

Several templates are available in Tools>Reset seating plan</strong

How to edit grades from the seating plan

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