iDoceo 7 for macOS and iPadOS now available!

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Privacy policy

Regarding iDoceo, our app for iPad

For privacy, security and confidentiality reasons, iDoceo is designed and developed as an offline app.
All data is stored locally in the teacher´s iPad and nowhere else. There are no cloud, external servers or websites with your data.
No one else has access to the information stored in iDoceo and no data is transferred anywhere without the user´s explicit request (i.e. sending a report, an e-mail, etc.)
This also means iDoceo won´t sync with other devices, a Mac, the web or any other iPad.
iDoceo's data in your device is not included in Apple's automatic cloud or iTunes backups.
We value your privacy above all. We do not ask for, keep or collect any user credentials.
• the identity and address of our company

iDoceo Labs Ltd.
Office 26 4 Spring Bridge Road
London, W5 2AA

If you have any queries or questions that are not explained in this document
you should contact us by e-mail: privacy (at)

• Purposes for which data will be used
Our company does not have access to, manages, stores or uses any of the data introduced in the iDoceo app.

• Possible transfer of data to third parties and their identity, as well as the purpose for which they are assigned
We do not have access to, manage, handle or keep any of the data inserted in the iDoceo application. Additionally, our company does not establish any kind of data transfer with third parties.

• Rights that assist the holders of the data
Those established between student/legal guardian and their teacher or educational school.

• Location of data and their conservation periods
Data is located and stored in the teacher's iPad. The conservation period is only determined by him and/or his school/college/IT department.

• Security measures provided by the application
Access protection with PIN or fingerprint.
Automatic data encryption on the iPad via iOS
iOS sandboxing. No other app installed in the iPad has access to iDoceo's data

• Possible accesses that the app makes to personal data stored in the device or its sensors
The app does not access any sensor or personal data stored in the iPad without the explicit consent of the teacher.
Any possible data access is completely optional and is not required for the proper operation of the iDoceo app.

The optional accesses are the following:
iDoceo app access to iPad contacts requires user consent and is limited to the 'Import contacts' option
The access of the iDoceo app to the images stored on the iPad requires the user's consent and is limited to options related to 'Adding images from camera roll'
iDoceo app access to the iPad camera requires user consent and is limited to the 'Add photo' options
iDoceo app access to calendar events requires user consent and is limited to diary and planner options
The access of the iDoceo app to the microphone of the iPad requires the consent of the user and is limited to the option 'Record audio'

You can review the activation of these accesses at any time in iPad Settings> iDoceo or in iPad Settings> Privacy

• regarding backups and their storage
Backups of iDoceo are absolutely optional and are only manually activated by the teacher. They are not required for the proper functioning of the application.
If they are deemed necessary, we recommend using the school/college/district's servers with the Backup option in WebDAV and thus avoid storing it in a third party cloud provider.
Backups are encrypted.

Regarding our website's forum

Collection of personal data
As part of the registration in iDoceo's Forum, the e-mail address of the user will necessarily be stored in the system and linked to the self-chosen username.

The provision of real names and other personal data is not required and is done on a voluntary basis by the user.

For the handling of support requests we collect a username which is associated with his or her e-mail address.

Use of Login Data
The information we collect is stored on the server in a database using secure standards and only used for communication within the system, as well as for support requests to contact the user if required.

The data will not be disclosed to third parties.

Cookies and Other Technologies
iDoceo stores cookies on the visitor’s computer for statistical and Organisational purposes. Thus, the data for the visitor counting and automatic login to iDoceo's Forum is used.

If you don’t wish to allow this, please disable cookies in your browser.

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