The basics of the Planner


What is it

The planner in iDoceo is a convenient way to add and edit annotations and files to the diary of each class.
All your scheduled classes for a given day or week will be shown at once, and you'll easily be able to add your notes.

Where is it

The planner is only available when working in full-size mode. Full-size mode was introduced in iDoceo 3 and offers a complete integration between the schedule / planner / calendar and the diary of each class.

The details explained here iDoceo working modes

You'll have access to the planner on Main menu > Planner - Day (both week and day)

If you'd like to have the planner as your main screen, enable this option shown here (Main menu/ options)


How does it look like

The week planner

The day planner

Timeline view

My weeks are not from Monday to Friday

While in Planner tap on right top button / Options / Working days you'll be able to enable/disable the days of the week

How does the planner know which classes are scheduled for a week/day

The planner gathers that information from your calendar. In the calendar you can add your holidays, periods, cycles, etc.
You'll find the details here : How to: Replicate a week (or weeks) in the calendar

How to go to a class from the planner

Tap&hold on a period, then 'Open class'

The planner is not showing all my scheduled periods

From the Main menu / Settings / Periods, you'll have this option shown here

When printing the planner, only a portion of text is shown

Tap on export, scroll down the list of options select a larger page size (x1.5 or x2 is recommended). This will allow more text to fit in the PDF file.