The basics of the Planner

What is the Planner

The planner in iDoceo is a convenient way to add and edit annotations and files to the diary of each class.

All your scheduled classes for a given day or week will be shown at once, and you'll easily be able to add your notes or files to each one.

Where is it located

You'll have access to the planner on Main Menu > Planner - Day or Planner - Week.

Both options will allow you to change from day view to week view and viceversa. They are only differentiated for quicker access.
If you'd like to have the planner as your main screen, what you see first when you open iDoceo, enable this option shown here (Main menu > Settings > Main Screen)

How does it look like

The week planner view
The day planner view


With the timeline view, you can work in the same way as in the planner, but for one class in specific.

You have one for each class and you can see them in the Diary > Timeline.

Everything you do in the Planner is also added here and viceversa.

My weeks are not from Monday to Friday

While in Planner tap on right top button "Options"  > Working days; you'll be able to enable/disable the days of the week you want.

How does the planner know which classes are scheduled for a week/day

The planner gathers that information from your calendar. In the calendar you can add your holidays, periods, cycles, etc.

You'll find the details here: How to: Replicate a week (or weeks) in the calendar

How to go to a class from the planner

Tap & hold on a period, then select 'Open class'

The planner is not showing all my scheduled periods

From the Main menu > Settings > Planner, you'll have these options shown here to display or hide periods.

When viewing the planner, only a portion of the text is shown

Go to Options, and there you can increase or decrease Text size to better fit inside the class block.

Increasing the Zoom, will also allow for more text to be shown because it increases the class blocks size.
You can increase or decrease the zoom with your fingers in iPad and iPhone, and for the Mac go to the Magnifying glass option in the top right corner.

When exporting the Planner, I would like to see all the text

Go to the Export option and there make sure to select the first option, that only says PDF.

With this options, the class blocks will adjust themselves to make sure to show all their contents in the resulting PDF document.