What´s new in iDoceo 4.10

iDoceo 4.10 is only available on devices with iOS 9.3 or superior


  • Split view support. Half screen in landscape
  • One Drive for Business/O365 support for backups and downloads
  • Improved iDoceo Grade Scanner integration
  • 2 additional themes for extended screen layout
  • Support for password protected PDFs
  • Options > Cloud links will show details of each account

Drag&drop in all resources (iOS11)

  • Drag and Drop files, links and images from any app into iDoceo
  • Move or copy resources between students, classes or dates
  • Easily export any resource to other apps
  • Drag templates - stored locally or online - into your gradebook to import them


  • Create favorite categories. Store a combination of columns: Long tap on category > Three dots
  • Copy gradebook layout - theme, font size, zoom - to other classes
  • New copy/paste option on all resources
  • Import XLS files from Socrative or EdPuzzle dragging them into your last column
  • Improved icon counter: Up to 8 icons, new mode value/icons
  • Improved iconDrop: larger view
  • Nueva filter option: 'Non empty'cell
  • New linked option column: Remove link


  • Create groups of standards. Assign them individually or in bulk
  • Configure widgets or multiple columns to focus on specific groups
  • Assign different weights on standards based on column. Long tap on standard after assigning it


  • Students photos: Stores them in a ZIP. Gradebook > Export
  • Rubric XLS: long tap on header > Three dots
  • Improved XLS report
  • Improved header on standards and key skills widget PDF report

Google Classroom

  • Improved with latest Google additions
  • After linking a class it will let you add new students

Small improvements

  • Favorite columns will let you enable 'Date in cell'
  • Tools > Columns will let you assing a date in bulk
  • New absolute value (ABS) in formulas

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