Transfer your data into a new iPad

There are two ways to transfer iDoceo's data into a new iPad.

With an iDoceo backup

You will find the details about iDoceo's backups explained here

In short, the steps are as follows:

In the original iPad, main screen > cloud icon top bar > Full backup
In the new iPad, main screen > Settings (gear icon top bar) > Dropbox > Restore backup

It is the same method for Google Drive, iCloud, One Drive or WebDAV servers.
You must install iDoceo from the App store in the new iPad first.
If you have configured a backup password under main screen > gear icon > security you will have to type this very same password in your new iPad in order to restore it

With an iTunes backup

The fastest method requires you to connect your old iPad to a Mac/PC with iTunes installed. iTunes backups include all the apps, data, camera roll photos and videos

You will find the steps explained here at Apple.
Making a backup
Restoring a backup

Restoring an iTunes backup will completely erase your new iPad's current data and will replace it with that of the backup.
If you are not sure about what you're doing in iTunes, stop.

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