Show the same column in different tabs (linked column)

You can organize your columns at will, either with a tab per semester/term, or a tab per subject (i.e. primary teachers), or any other criteria (i.e. quizzes, exams, etc).
In order to gather the final results of columns that belong to different tabs in a single one, you should use what we call a linked column. Linked columns are explained below.
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teacher ipad

What is a linked column ?

A linked column is a grade book column that is shown in several tabs at once.
  • You can edit that column's content in any of the tabs.
  • Any change in one linked column will affect the rest of columns linked to it
  • If the column is a calculation, it will update its results automatically in all tabs at once
  • You will only be able to edit a calculation in the original tab.

How does it look like

You'll see a small link in the header of linked columns.
When the column is a calculation, and it is not the original column, the calculator icon will be shown in red.


How to create a linked column

For a single column : tap and hold on that column's header >Copy > Select the tab > Linked copy
For several columns at once: tap on Tools icon (top bar) > Columns > Select your columns > Select the destination tab > Linked copy

What is the difference between a Simple copy and a Linked copy

A simple copy will transfer the data from that column to the new tab, but if the
original column is updated, the new column won't reflect its changes.

The linked copy will show the same data in both columns, the original and the new tab.
If something is changed, the linked columns will be updated accordingly.

What kind of columns can be linked

Any kind of column, either conventional or calculation columns

Can I link a column to a different class?

No using this method. here is the method
With the method shown in this article you can do a copy of a column to a different class though, it will be a conventional copy.

Can I link a column to the same tab in the same tab?

No, a copy in the same tab will always be a conventional copy.

How to remove the link of a linked copy

The link in the header will appear as long as there is two linked columns.
If you erase the columns so that there is only one linked column left, the link will automatShow the same column in a different classically disappear.

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