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I'm going to start using idoceo but I'm missing a weekly planning tool where I can have my hour to hour classes, daily planning, homework amd other comments. Isitpossible with this app?
PS.I'm going to add an image of the teacher's notebook most teachers in Spain use as to give an example
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Hi there Patristack,
iDoceo has no specific planning tools at the moment, it is in our roadmap though. As an alternative most of our users add those kind of details in the diary or as annotations in a cell.
You'll soon be able to add comments in each column's header too .

Thanks for contacting us y gracias por las imagenes. El aspecto de la planificación semanal no dista mucho de nuestro diario actual, a falta de la separación por horas, poco a poco iremos añadiendo esas funciones.

Here a screenshot of our revamped diary for iDoceo 2.0
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Hi is the planner being included in the updated version, it would be good to be able to click on the day eg Monday and see a page that is set up for the periods of the day in my case 5 lessons.

It could have columns such as lesson, homework, to-do (the 2 latter being the smaller columns)

Do you envisage anything like this?

Thanks x x
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Hi turtlewax,
There was no material time to add the planner in this upcoming version , but we are working on it already.
Everyone has special requirements for their planner and it is a bit difficult to find an agreement between features/complexity/usability , so any ideas here will help , if you have an image or a small drawing of what you'd like to see in the planner it would help a lot! We're picking different planners to mix them all into a great one.
Thanks for contacting us