problem exporting data(solved)

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I am excited to use idoceo this year as I am a beginning teacher and start next monday! I have created a test class with five students in it and some columns with data. I did this by importing a csv file from dropbox (it is linked with iDoceo).

The trouble I am having is exporting the data: when I choose report the report only has names in it. When I choose any other format it asks what app I want to open with and none work - not even dropbox.

How do I export my data so that it sits in my dropbox?? Any ideas what the problem could be?? Thank you.
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Hi mrsealenehan,
When you click on report, you have to mark the columns you want to add in the report, if you select none you might get the report with only names in it.Give it a try and let me know if that worked for you.
The rest of the formats should work, please try Pdf and open it with iBooks, that is a pretty standard combination and you should get uour pdf on screen!
Some users told us that on the 'Open In' window, dropbox is further down the list and you have to actually scroll to see it. Try with any of the CSV combinations, they have been thorougly tested
And the last thing to try... do you still have the sample class that came with iDoceo? If so, could you try exporting it? maybe it has to do with the imported data, this should give us some info.
If you still can't export , and if you don't mind send us the test CSV file at so we can give it a try.
Thanks for contacting us
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This may be useful for other people - the problem I was having has now been resolved. I tried changing the class name from "11xy/Ma2" to "11xy_Ma2" and it now successfully exports. Since the exported file takes on the class name the forward slash was causing an error.

Sounds simple now!!! :-)