Repeating student lists

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I just got this program, so I am still figuring things out. I teach grade 6, so one class with many subjects. How do I get my student list to repeat without having to types the names over and over? Thanks
11 years 10 months ago #650 by bert
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Welcome Kimohearn,
From the chalkboard screen, tap&hold over the 'original' class and then 'copy' , you'll be able to select which information to copy, either students, columns, both, etc.
You'll find most of the non-usual options available when doing a tap&hold (on a cell, a student, a class, a column , etc).
After copying you'll probably want to edit its name , again tap&hold and then edit.

Another option would be to add tabs instead of classes, so you'd have a single class with all students in it and different tabs for each subject.

Thanks for contacting us!