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I notice a new criteria/contents option in the assignment dialogues but couldn't find anything about it. Could you explain?

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That is a tool designed specifically for some countries. That said, you can use it if you find it could be useful like any other tool in iDoceo

Basically, it works by adding tags to columns, rubrics or folders/categories.

You can assign weights or percentages to each column you assign a tag and the average of those columns would be the grade of that tag.

You can also get the grade of all tags together, and give some tags more weight than others for this calculation only.

Lastly there are up to five levels, though it is not needed to use all of them, just as many as you need.

This works as a structured tags system, the tags added to your gradebook can be related to a bigger tag, and each bigger tag gets its grade from the average of their related gradebook tags.

The same can happen to those tags up to five levels

At the moment the articles about it are only in Spanish, I leave them here in case you are interested in reading them.

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