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2 things:

We have a merit system at school and I want to use the app to record these. An icon based record would be perfect, but is there a way to count those icons to give me a numeric value? That way I know when the child has received enough merits to be awarded a commendation...

Second thing, when I am adding text and icons to a cell, they overlap. Is there anyway to wrap the text and icons? This is also an issue in headings when adding a subheading that is longer than the main heading - I don't want all the headings/cells to be super-wide just to be able to fit on an extra couple of words.
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Hi Eliot,
Yes, text and icons in a cell need some improvements, with the current version the only option is to make it wider. We'll address this in our next version. We plan to enable vertical column headers and some important features in that aspect as well.

I'll prepare a small example on how to count those merits, the only limitation is that a cell can only hold 4 icons, so you'd need to create as many columns as merits/4 you need. I'll post it later in the evening and provide the link here, I'm sure more users will find that useful.

There is an alternative method with merits though, you have an Editor (double tap on header , then Editor) that is simply a Counter and a double tap on a cell will increment its value (a long tap can decrement too).
I'll provide that sample anyway so you can choose

Thanks for contacting us!
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