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Hi, I am a newbie so I could be mistaken but am currently a bit frustrated that the planner seems to be geared towards teachers who teach to multiple classes and there is no useful way for primary teachers who just teach 1 class to set up the planner so that it reflects their weekly outline of lessons - I am hoping it might be possible - eg; instead of having to select a class, location and time, could we just have a “Primary Planner” that allows us to add a subject, topic and note. Also, I don’t understand why you have to put in a time when there are periods down the side - I saw that lots of people change the “period” down the side to a time which makes a lot more sense to me, but you still seem to have to put a time into the the field when you are allocating to a period. It would be good to have a “whole period” tick box so you don’t have to select actual times AGAIN.
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