The information below is provided for reference only.It applies to previous versions of iDoceo.
Since iDoceo 5, the default working mode is full-size
Compact mode is a legacy mode and has been deprecated in iDoceo 6.


iDoceo offered two working modes: Compact and Full-size since Compact mode is deprecated, it is strongly recommended to use iDoceo only in FULL-Size mode..
The working mode from Compact to Full-size mode can be changed from the Main screen Settings (gear icon, top bar)> Working mode

They both affect how the schedule, diary and planner are linked together.

Compact mode does not have a planner and calendar

Full-size mode works with a calendar. It includes a planner, timeline view and it will let you create simple or complex schedules, cycles and add holidays. The calendar configuration will affect how classes are shown in the schedule,planner, diary and time line.

You should not keep switching from one mode to the other but if you do change your mind about which one to use do so at your convenience from the Main screen / Settings (gear icon) / Working mode

In compact mode you can:

  • Easily configure a schedule with either 1 or 2 weeks.
  • Configure cycles (with numbers instead of weekdays)
  • Add your own texts to a time block, either linked to class or just a text
  • Use your schedule as a quick access to a class

but you can't:

  • Have a planner or timeline view
  • Show events on the schedule
  • Add holidays
  • Keep track of different schedules in a term (or over the years)

In full-size mode you can:

  • Have a planner showing all your classes diaries for a given week or day
  • Use the timeline showing all the periods of a particular class in order
  • Configure any kind of schedule you can think of. Any number of week, cycle,rotating day cycles of 6, 9 days, etc.
  • Add a short 'Location' text to a time block
  • See your schedule for any given week taking into account holidays
  • Link a class' diary with your schedule configuration.
  • Keep track of different schedules in a term (or over the years)

What is a period

Each time block in full-size mode requires a Period.
A period can be thought of as a 'row in the planner'. They should be in order and you can only assign the same period once each day. You can add up to 20.
Periods will be shown in order as a rows in the planner and they can be renamed or hidden from the Settings > Planner option

The schedule's header in compact mode:

You may choose between two different weeks, Schedule 1, Schedule 2 or in case you have a day cycle, enable the option'Show numbers instead of weekdays'.
You won't see any dates in it since it is not 'calendar aware'

The schedule, timeline and planner views in full-size mode:

The full-size schedule is 'calendar aware' and knows the scheduled classes for a given week, holidays and events

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