How to send emails to students, parents

E-mail is an integral part of iDoceo. You will be able to effortlessly share many aspects of your day to day in class with students and their parents. Audio, Images and video can be added to any cell, header, or the diary, or student and in turn can be sent by e-mail , either to a selection of students or to all students at once.

How it works

Each student has two e-mail fields, one for a personal e-mail, the other for their parents'.

You can add several e-mails in the same field (e.g one for each parent or work/home). You must insert each e-mail separated by a comma, as shown in our example below.

app store gradebook


You can add as many email fields as needed , tap on the three points button on the student's data tab > .
Tap on the Add button after that

teacher ipad

The word email must appear in the new field description

teacher ipad

The result

teacher ipad


Sending an e-mail to students from the grade book

To send an e-mail to all students shown in the grade book, tap on three dots of students' header > email

app store gradebook

In order to send an e-mail to a particular group or a selection of students you can either:

  • Tap on the students filter button top bar before sending the email
  • Tap on Tools/Hammer top bar > Students > Select > Mail
To send a an e-mail to a single student, long tap on the student's name > e-mail

E-Mail report with a selection of columns

app store gradebook

The Student report (explained here) will let you select columns from different tabs and include more information. This Student report is easy and can be send by email with a tap in the Export option. The report will look like this

The Student report has a big set of options to highlight for example the Header and Footer option:

student report

Default e-mail address

All e-mails are sent by the Mail app in your iPad (that is the iOS system provided Mail app) and it solely depends on your iPad settings. iDoceo has no access to your e-mail configuration, account details or messages.

If you'd like to change the default e-mail account used by the Mail app: Tap on your iPad Settings > Mail > Default Account as shown in this image

If you do not have a 'Default account' option it means you have configured a single account in your Mail app and it is already used by default.

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