The column's Cell editor

The cell editor of a column defines how are you going to input data in that specific column.
A cell may always contain text, icons, color and annotations this will not be affected by the configured editor.

To keep the list of editors as short as possible, some of the available editors are hidden by default. You can enable/disable editors from the main Menu > Settings > Cell editors, Calculation

You'll find here a comprehensive list of editors

Automatic cell editor

The automatic cell editor adjust itself to the grade type of each column.
This is the default editor and the recommended one. See below how it works:

How to change the editor of a column

In order to change a single column's editor, double tap on that column and tap onCell editor


Changing the editor of a column will not change its data
A tap&hold on a cell will always bring the Text/Icons editor on screen

Changing the cell's editor on a group of columns

Tap on Tools (top bar) / Columns / Select your columns an Edit
Here is how to do it!.


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