Export/Print your data

You will find the export options for any view (grade book,planner,diary,seating plan) on the top right corner. This list below shows all the reports available from the grade book view

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e-mail report:Will prepare a personalized report for each student with a selection of columns and will be sent to students, parents or both

PDF: creates a PDF from the current tab. Similar to taking a screenshot but with all your columns including text and icons.
XLS: creates a XLS file which may include either one page of your class, all of them or a page with your student's sheet details. Additionally, you can choose which columns to export, include annotations,icons and cell colors (translating each icon into their descriptive text )

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CSV: Similar to XLS but exporting to the more simple CSV format.
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Report: A configurable PDF report, allows to select columns. It will only include the text in your cells. Details explained here
Report (Expert): Similar to the Report but it may include icons and annotations. Details explained here
Student report: Creates a PDF for each student and sends it by mail or a single PDF with all your students in it. Details explained here

Export resources:Creates a ZIP file with all the resources in your gradebook. Organized in folders with a configurable hierarchy.

Share:Creates a template to be shared with other iDoceo users. This template can be sent by e-mail or stored in Dropbox and may include the complete structure of a single class, with or without its data (students,annotations,etc). More details explained here
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