Show the same column in a different class (linked column)

This is an advanced method

Besides showing your columns in different tabs in the same class , you can show a columns in a linked way in a different class
To do this you must open the target class and :

- Add a new Calculation Column > Formula
- Lets assign a name to the header like "Column from Biology" for clarification purpose only.
- Tap on the Formula tag, select the class, source of the column, Biology

teachers ipad

Select the desired tab p.e. 2nd Semesterand once in it, select the desired column.
Make sure that the Grade type is the same as in the source column, if you like to have the same exact figures in both columns

In our example we will copy the column Test 1 from Biology Sample 101 > 1st Semester to 11gD3 > 1stQ

See below the detailed procedure.

teachers ipad </center

Here is the linked column from Biology 101 class

teachers ipad </center

Once the column is linked in the new Class , any grade value changed in a cell of the source column is also reflected in the cell of the linked column

Linked copy to another class from Non numeric Grades
If the linked column has its source in a non numerical grade, Project 1is our example, some small differences apply.
The procedure is the same as shown before, but the formula, has no Integer function applied , and the second difference is that the result is not exactly what we expected.

See below those differences:

teachers ipad

Another two steps are needed to have the non numerical grading column ready.
- Create a new Calculation > Addition - Total points grading column, select Simple Addition and click on the Project 1 Header, save the configuration.
- Long tap on the new columns header, select edit , change the Grade type Result to Text grades A to F , save and this is it.
Those last steps shown here :

teachers ipad

And here is the Text grade column linked to the Biology class

teachers ipad gradebook

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