Birthdays in iDoceo

You can add the date of birth of each student in the student card. Go to the Data section and enter it in the Date of birth field.

When entering the date of birth, iDoceo will automatically show to the right of it the age of the student, in years and months.

Birthday reminders in iDoceo

iDoceo can remind you when a birthday is coming up and when it actually is the date through different means.

Upcoming Birthdays Widget

In the Class Summary you can add a widget called Upcoming Birthdays. It will show the birthdays that are celebrated today and those that will come in the next 5 days.

When it is today that the birthday is celebrated, a cake will be shown to the right of the student

Cakes in the Gradebook and the Class Seating Plan

On a student's birthday you will see a cake to the right of their name in the Gradebook view
On the seating plan you will see the birthday cake in the lower right corner of the student icon.