Class with Multiple Group Configurations

Multiple Groupings in the Class

If you need to create different groupings for different activities in your class, you should first give each grouping a name, as shown in the image on the right. You can rename as many groupings as you need, with a maximum of 9 available.

After renaming the groupings, select one and assign students to each group by filling in the "Group" field in the student card same way as explained here.

Tip: To make this process faster, you can assign one student to each group and then drag and drop the remaining students into the corresponding group while the Gradebook is in group mode.

Once this is set up, your configuration will be applied when the Gradebook is in group mode. You can easily switch between different group configurations by changing the current grouping.

Find below two videos showing those procedures.

Each Tab in your class will remember the group you assigned to it, . So you can have a different group assigned to each tab.