What's new in 2.0.1

These are the main features of iDoceo 2.5 but there is a more recent version of iDoceo available already!
This is a small maintenance release with the following changes.

Minor improvements:
  • Icons in cells are now sent via e-mail
  • Configurable Password timeout for faster app switching. You can set it up under (System) Settings/iDoceo
  • Cell timestamp can now be included in the reports, enable it in (System) Settings/iDoceo
  • All students can now be copied to a preexisting class (long tap on student's header)
  • When creating a CSV from Excel , the @ sign for personal data was interpreted as a formula, we've added the ! (exclamation mark) as an alternative sign (@ sign will still be valid though)
  • By default - edit next line is enabled , this can be changed from the 'gear' icon in the gradebook
  • Calculus with 'skip empty cell' will result 'empty' if all cells involved are empty

Bugs solved:
  • Images&Audio can now be added in the diary when iCal events are present
  • iCal integration: repeated events where missing
  • Under some circumstances only first student's e-mail was sent when e-mailing a column
  • When selecting a single icon column in reports (Expert mode), long headers where badly rendered
  • Had some trouble with autocorrection when in Diary mode.
  • Password lock did not work with 0's in front

Our next version 2.2.0 is coming soon!
Packed with new features you'll love