What's new in version 1.7

For our previous version's users, here is a quick reference of new features and its instructions

New class schedule screen, instructions here

New security lock screen, instructions here

Improved report generator (expert mode), allows to add icons and annotations, instructions here

iCal events integrated in class' diary, instructions here

New automatic date in cell feature , instructions here

New customization options , instructions here

New cell editors, counter and numeric grade

Tab colors can now be changed at will, tap & hold on a tab, then select color

Quick attendance cells have now two states, you can toggle between its with a double tap

New attend all feature, tap &hold on a quick attendance column's header

New sort function for students, tap & hold on students header and use the different sort options

Copy/Paste column styles for fast customization of color&width , tap&hold on source then copy, tap&hold on destination then paste

Add all function in calculations. Sets 100% to all selected columns

Photos can now be added from the student's personal data screen

Two bigger fonts for the grade book

Improved copy cell options