What's new in version 2.0

These are the main features of iDoceo 2.0 but there is a more recent version of iDoceo available already!

Here is a quick reference of new features and its related instructions.

This update includes many new features and improvements but what you already know about the app will still work, the only slight difference you'll notice is on the seating plan, where you'll now need to tap&hold (for a really small period) before being able to move a student.

For our new users, you might find useful our previous version's details here.

We've added a couple of articles about audio recording, and photos you may find useful

And here the exhaustive list of the new things you can do with iDoceo 2.0 :

Main new features

- Improved student details screen

  • add and edit your own fields as personal details with a description and a section to group similar concepts
  • new personal field, parent's email
  • allow several e-mails on an e-mail field , separated by a comma
  • take a picture of the student and add it immediately (includes crop and resize functions)
  • view a student's personal details from the seating plan (tap&hold on a student and tap on Data)
  • view an attendance summary and graph of all the attendance columns on the current gradebook page
  • view and configure a summary of columns from different tabs (only non-calculus columns for this version)

- Password protection

- Improved CSV import functions (explained here in detail)

  • import personal data from a CSV file , not only grades
  • import a CSV file directly from Dropbox or any other app , simply tap on export and select iDoceo in the list of 'Open In'

- Improved schedule screen (explained here in more detail)

  • Configure 2 schedules, copy them or erase them with a long tap on each schedule number
  • Copy function with tap&hold on a class, allows to easily copy between days that share start and end times
  • Change weekdays for numbers , for rotating week cycles (configure it from the system Settings screens/iDoceo)
  • Switch schedules easily with a left or right swipe

- Improved grade configuration

  • Assign colors automatically to text based grades
  • Assign a value to any icon, for numeric or text based grades.
  • Rounding functions in numeric grades , round up, down, truncate and round nearest with configurable precision. Includes rounding test functions!

- Improved gradebook

  • Add student thumbnails on each row, configure its size
  • Add annotations to column headers
  • Add images, take pictures, add audio to any annotation (explained here)
  • Select the 'edit next line' direction
  • Copy a complete tab's structure, including its calculus configurations (tap&hold on a tab)
  • New ERASE cell function (tap & hold on any cell)
  • Show annotation's text upon cell selection
  • Improved sort functions, sort by name , column (as a sort of ranking) and can take group into account
  • Copy a student's personal data to another class
  • Allows to modify manually a cell's timestamp
  • Insert a column between others (avoids creating and moving a column)
  • Keeps track of your last position on any tab and it scrolls to it automatically when selected

- e-mail functions in gradebook/diary (explained here in detail)

  • Allows several e-mails on each e-mail field (comma separated) student or parent
  • Send automatically a personalized e-mail column's result to each student/parents/both (must confirm each e-mail though)
  • Include annotations, images and audio of each cell in the e-mail
  • Send diary entries with images and audio to students/parents/both

- Improved gradebook report

  • Now includes subheader on PDF report (specially useful for attendance reports)

- Improved gradebook calculations

  • Improved skip empty cell calculations , keeps the right weight of each column despite being empty
  • Calculates with configured icon values on each grade (up to 4 icons per cell)

- Improved attendance control functions (gradebook and seating plan) explained here

  • Attendance summary in students personal details
  • New editor: Extra quick attendance check
  • New LATE icon for tardiness on Quick attendance and Extra quick attendance editors. Tap&hold on a cell
  • Attendance control in seating plan
  • Add an attendance column for today automatically from the gradebook (tap&hold on last column on gradebook)
  • Add an attendance column for today automatically from the seating plan

- Improved seating plan

  • Zoom&Pan functions (scroll vertically and horizontally)
  • Snap to grid, easily align students
  • Reset seating plan
  • Take a student's picture immediately (includes crop and resize)
  • View student's personal data
  • View any of your gradebook's columns reflected on the seating plan
  • Complete attendance functions on the seating plan

- Improved diary (details explained here)

  • Add unlimited images and audio to any day
  • New PDF report, with cover, with or without images. Includes iCal events, can skip empty days. Expands text automatically if required!

- New gallery view

  • Allows to view in detail images inserted as annotations or in the diary