iDoceo 8 for iPhone,iPad and Mac now available!

You will find all the details explained here

Import data into iDoceo

From the list of classes > gradebook app store > import CSV/XLS file. The import wizard will guide you through the steps

If your file is already in your iPad and stored in Numbers, here is a quick guide for you

If your students names are in text format, in Pages, a PDF or Word you should use this instead

You can also drag&drop the file into the list of classes to import it

This method explained below is only kept for backward compatibility
You should use the 'Open in' and follow the 'Import wizard' steps. It is easier, more flexible and does not require any kind of edition in your CSV or XLS file headers

Which formats can be imported?

iDoceo is able to import data from CSV and XLS / XLSX files. Any spreadsheet software (such as MS Excel, Numbers,Open Office, LibreOffice) is able to export and generate these files.
We recommend working with XLS files

From the app holding your CSV/XLS file, tap on 'Open in' iDoceo and you'll be presented with the different options explained here. The import wizard will do the rest for you
iDoceo will let you select which sheet to import if more than one has been detect in your XLS/XLSX file

I can't see the import wizard option when 'Opening in' iDoceo

This means the file is neither a CSV nor XLS. Please make sure you import the proper file extension. If you are trying to import several CSV sheets at once, Numbers will create a ZIP file that cannot be processed by iDoceo.

Which information can be imported?

Your columns, students, their grades and their personal data.

What about student photos?

You need to import first the students names in iDoceo, the next steps are explained here

How should my info be formatted in order to be properly imported?

The only requirement is that a single row must contain a single student's data. It can't be spread in different rows

The other optional requirement is that the first row of your spreadsheet should hold your columns names,

if you choose not to, importing will work, but column headers text will be empty.

The import wizard

iDoceo offers an import wizard which will let you import any kind of file and format without having to manually modify the CSV or XLS files.
Once you open your file in iDoceo, select 'Import wizard' as shown in the image below.

Any other specifics for CSV files?

Yes, if your spreadhseet software allows it , you should choose to store your file in UTF-8 (unicode) encoding.

If you don't, you might see weird characters when importing instead of your accents (if you're in a non english speaking country).

Any other specifics for XLS files?

Yes, you'll need to save in XLS format from a fairly recent MS Excel (i.e Excel 2000 will work, but Excel 95 won't).

Ok, I got my CSV/XLS file, what now?

You must transfer your CSV or XLS file into the iPad if it isn't already there.

The easiest way might be to simply send it by Mail to your iPad or upload the file into your Dropbox account

Then open your Dropbox app in the iPad , look for the file and , and tap on export

iDoceo will start and after a few seconds you'll have your CSV file imported and on screen.

I can't use Dropbox with personal information of my students

Then you need an alternative way to send or transfer the CSV into your iPad, you have many choices, some here:

- Send the CSV file by e-mail to your own account. Open your iPad's mail and then select the CSV to 'Open In' iDoceo

- Use any of the USB Disk , or WiFi Disk apps to transfer the CSV into your iPad, then 'Open In' iDoceo

These options shown below have been deprecated now by the import wizard. They will work but the wizard will let you do the same without having to edit the files.

I want some personal info imported into each student , how do I do it?

CSV files are all about columns and text. To tell iDoceo that a particular column belongs to a personal field and not to a grade, the column name must be preceeded by an @ or a ! sign.

You can even import your own personal fields and iDoceo will create its for you in each student's screen.

The column names for personal data have to named as follows:










But , as stated, you can add your own fields like: !emergency , !phone2 , etc

This looks nice but I'd need a CSV sample file

Here a small CSV sample file, it has some personal fields, grades and a user defined field (album)

This looks nice but I'd need a XLS sample file

My class already exists, I do not want a new one to be created when importing

When you select a CSV/XLS file open it in iDoceo (Open In) , it will ask wether you want to create a new class, or append this file to preexisting one.
You'll be presented with this

I already have some students in this class, what will happen if I import?

iDoceo, when importing, tries to find students with the same name and does not import them again (it only updates their personal data). new students will be imported.

I'm having trouble importing a single column CSV with student names in it

Try adding 2 or 3 empty columns when exporting to CSV, this will help iDoceo to determine the proper CSV format

If you are trying to create a CSV file on a windows machine

When exporting you should be able to specify CSV and MAC (UTF-8) file format, this will make it easier for iDoceo to work with your file

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