The basics: Bulletin boards

What is a bulletin board and what can you do with it

Bulletin boards will let you organize your resources visually and preview them in the gallery
These are some of the resources you can use:

  • Files (PDF,Pages, Word, etc)
  • Web links. URLs
  • Handwritten notes and signatures
  • Hand drawing
  • Folders
  • MP3 and other audio recording
  • Notes and pins
You can use bulletin boards as a conventional folders but instead of having all your items sorted alphabetically, you can rotate, resize and move them at any position.

Here an example of what can be done.


Sharing resources and bulletin boards

Resources in the board can be moved or copied to any other element of iDoceo, sent by e-mail or 'Open In' any other app.
You can share bulletin boards with other iDoceo users.


How to create a bulletin board

Bulletin boards can be created as standalone boards from the Classes screen.

Or you can use the integrated board in each class.

The resource manager tool (hammer top bar) will let you work with multiple resources at once.


Main gestures

Tap&hold to add new elements,copy,move,export or additional options
Double tap to view a resource in the gallery, play it if is an audio or edit it if is a note.
Pinch to zoom in&out

Here is a short video with the bulletin board in action