How to review,print and export Annotations

What is an Annotation in iDoceo

Annotation is a text appended to any cell with a tap&hold / Annotation in the grade book. It allows an unlimited amount of attached text and resources.

How does it look like

As a small triangle on the right top corner of a cell. Tapping on it will bring the annotation at the bottom of the screen.


Focusing on a single student

 Double tap on a student, to open his personal data sheet, then Annotations. Tap on the small bubble on the top bar, an select either Notes from current tab or Notes from all tabs


And here all the annotations in a single screen for the selected student


Printing annotations

Annotations can be included in the Report (expert mode) or in the Student report.

Student report

When configur¬°ng the student report (additional details here) make sure you enable the option 'Add annotations'


 In the image below , we're configuring the summary, the selection of columns that will appear in the report.

And this is the option that must be enabled for the annotations to be included


 And the resulting report


Report (expert mode)

 This report will include the annotations attached to all students in the grade book. The details on how to configure this report are explained here

 From the grade book view, tap on Export , Report (Expert mode) , select the columns you'd like to include in the report and then enable the annotations with the red button shown below.

There are four available sizes for annotations, a tap on the red bubble button will increase the size each time.

Here the different icons


A couple of taps will make the annotation columns larger and more text will fit.



And this the resulting report, with the grade and the annotation at its maximum size next to it.

Exporting annotations

In order to include the annotations in CSV or XLS, make sure you enable the option 'Include cell annotations' when exporting.

Here an image