Quick start

Main concepts

The organization in iDoceo is based in Classes. Each class has its own students list, diary, bulletin board, seating plan, resource manager, etc.
The schedule configures when each class takes place. This configuration reflects in the diary and planner view

The planner view will show all data inserted in each class' diary.

Every element in iDoceo (i.e. student,class,cell,column,diary) may contain resources of any kind: audio,files,video,images,etc.

First steps

  • Add your classes: from the list of classes, tap on 20
  • You can also create classes by importing XLS or CSV files. More details explained here

    app store gradebook

  • Configure your schedule: Tap on the schedule button on the toolbar and add your time blocks. You will assign here the classes created in the previous step

  • Add students: explained here in more detail
If you have not imported them yet from a CSV/XLS file, these are the available options:

gradebook app store

A Tap&hold on a cell, student, class, column or tab will always show additional options to copy,delete,move,etc.

All set! You'll find more options explained here in the manual

    13 APR

    iDoceo 5.1 is now available!

    An amazing update with tons of new features. Audio questions in iDoceo Connect, countdown timer, feedback and more

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    6 JUN

    Create Multiple-choice tests with iDoceo Connect!

    In addition to self-evaluation rubrics, your students can now fill exams online. Supports text and images - in answers and questions - and can easily be imported from an XLS template

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