Gradebook basics: classes, tabs, columns and cells

iDoceo can handle an unlimited number of classes and students.
Each class has its own gradebook, diary, notepad - both for text and handwritten notes - bulletin board and seating plan .

A grade book is organized in tabs and each tab can contain an unlimited number of columns.

Create classes

You can create new classes in many ways :

  • From iDoceo's main screen: Add > Class
  • Importing a CSV or XLS file with students and data , explained here 
  • Importing a grade book template from other users or from our online templates database (main screen > Add > Online template)

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Tabs are pages in your grade book and you can create as many as you need to.
They can be hidden/copied/moved with a tap&hold on a specific tab or from the Tools/Spanner (top bar) > Tabs 
You may want to create a tab per subject, if you're a primary teacher or create a tab per semester, a tab to take attendance, a tab for quizzies, tests, etc.

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The students list is shared on all tabs but you can hide a selection of students on a particular tab (or hide them from all at once). More details here


Columns can be created in two ways:
A tap on the rightmost column (the plus sign)
A tap on acolumn > Quick Action to insert a new column at any position

app store gradebook

app store gradebook
Each column in iDoceo is configured by its editor and its grade type or grading scale

The Editor defines how will you insert data in that column. The default editor is Text/Icons but you can choose from a wide variety of editors (explained here)

You can configure an unlimited number of default settings for new columns using Favourites
By default your new columns will have the same properties as the previous column in your gradebook.

The column manager

The column manager is a powerful tool that will let you edit,move,erase,hide,freeze and copy multiple columns at once.
From the grade book view, tap on Tools/Hammer > Columns and Categories

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A double tap on a cell will bring its editor on screen.

To insert data you can also use the numberDrop, iconDrop and textDrop tools. tap on the Tools/Spanner icon on top bar